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KnowledgeBase Articles Find solutions to common questions and issues with NI products. These articles are written by NI Application Engineers.

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SignalExpress 2015 Compatibility With Windows https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019WuXSAU&l=en-US
I have SignalExpress 2015 and want to know what operating systems I can use it on. SignalExpress won't load or won't install on my Windows 10 computer. I can successfully convert a log to a text fileon ...

Reset the Password for PXI/PXIe Controller or RT Desktop Running NI PharLap ETS https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000fxtgSAA&l=en-US
I locked the IP configuration on my PXI/PXIe-Controller running NI PharLap ETS in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and forgot the password. How do I reset it? I cannot add or remove software from ...

SignalExpress 2015 Compatibility with LabVIEW https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019PfkSAE&l=en-US
I am using SignalExpress 2015 and want to know what versions of LabVIEW I can use with this version of SignalExpress? Can I use SignalExpress 2015 with LabVIEW 2016 or 2017?

Using the BNC-2110 for Analog Output https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kKpfSAE&l=ja-JP
I am using a BNC-2110 with my Data Acquisition card, and I need to know how to wire the Analog Out terminals for my device. Do they need to be FS (Floating signal) or GS (Grounded signal) when outputting ...

FlexLogger Failed to Connect to the Logging Engine https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kKBGSA2&l=ja-JP
When I open FlexLogger and create a new project, it takes a long time to load. Eventually, I receive the following error: FlexLogger failed to connect to the Logging Engine. The erl.exe sub-process run-time ...

Does ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit Require a Runtime? https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kJdsSAE&l=en-US
I have developed an application using the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit (ECUMC). I am building executables and deploying to other machines. Do I need a runtime engine on the deployment computers? ...

Dynamically Selecting the Region of Interest (ROI) of an Image in LabVIEW https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kJe2SAE&l=en-US
I want to build a VI with the Vision Development Module (VDM) that allows me to select the Region of Interest (ROI) in an image while the VI is running. How do I do this?

Report Generation Toolkit VIs Are Not Executable https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kJe7SAE&l=en-US
My code has a broken run arrow and the report generation toolkit VIs are showing an error that says "The subVI is not executable" like shown below. I am using theReport Generation Toolkit and when I open ...

Change the Format of a Number in TestStand https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kJgmSAE&l=en-US
I want to change the format or representation of a numeric variable, so I can see it with more than 1 digit. For example, having "03" instead of "3".

Finding Unclosed References in LabVIEW Code https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kJh6SAE&l=en-US
I want to find all the places in my code where I forgot to close a reference, in order to prevent memory leaks. How can I do this?