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Aerospace, Defense, and Government

Risk Management

From better integrated test strategies to basing test systems on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, NI’s approach aims to mitigate your risk and improve mission readiness.


Failure is not an option. We stake our reputation on ensuring you’re equipped with the right strategies for design, test, and sustainment to maximize quality and reliability.

Cost Reduction

With a more strategic approach to design and test that utilizes customizable COTS equipment, you can minimize the complete life-cycle costs of your program and stay on schedule.

Improved Efficiency

By effectively managing test assets and harvesting insights from test data, NI can help your organization improve operational performance and gain a competitive edge.

Committed to Your Success

NI has served the aerospace and defense industry for decades with disruptive, PXI-based instrumentation and application software that reduces the overall cost and risk associated with the design, validation, test, and support of mission-critical programs.


of world’s top A&D organizations use NI


of revenue invested in internal R&D


field and support engineers worldwide

Evolve Your Test Strategy

View NI’s webinar series to discover how you can innovate faster with a system-based approach that adapts and responds to the evolving test needs of your organization.

Topics include:

  • SDR design
  • HIL test
  • Electromechanical systems test
  • RF system-level validation
  • Production test

Industry Trends

Moving Forward Together

Whether your organization is pursuing initiatives related to digital transformation, standardization, connectivity, spectrum dominance, or more, let’s work together to capitalize on industry trends and accomplish your objectives.

An air traffic controller directs helicopters taking off from an aircraft carrier.

Customer Success

A Trusted Global Partner

Putting our customers’ needs first and elevating the impact of their creativity and innovation is at the heart of how NI works. We’re proud to partner with the engineers and enterprises solving some of the world’s most complex challenges.

An air traffic controller directs helicopters taking off from an aircraft carrier.

NI systems allow us to stay on the aggressive timelines that we set for ourselves. It gives us the agility to innovate rapidly and adapt quickly.

Omar Mussa

Virgin Orbit

An NI service partner helps his customer set up their test system.

NI Services

We’re Here to Help

An NI service partner helps his customer set up their test system.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs with NI services. As your trusted partner and expert connector, we’re here to help you Engineer Ambitiously?.